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Distracted Driving: An issue for cyclists everywhere

June 8, 2012

Guest Writer of this Blog Post: Ashley White of Distracted Driving Help,

Within the last few years, one of the biggest traffic safety issues has been contending with the influx of technology. This includes devices built into the personal vehicle, as well as portable devices. Because of increased reliance on these devices, distractions for drivers are now at a perceived all time high.

For cyclists, the roads are dangerous enough before in-car distractions were a major issue, making the last few years riding on roads that much more dangerous. Of course, distractions run both ways. Some cyclists have been guilty of checking their phones while biking. Still, much of the problem remains in the hands of motorists, creating more risk for the welfare of cyclists.

Under normal conditions, it’s no secret that cyclists may have to deal with drivers who are less than pleasant about sharing the road. When you add to the fact that some of these drivers could be texting while driving or talking on their phones, suffering a lack of attention to the road, the thought of sharing the road becomes much more severe than just simply less than pleasant.

Since distracted driving has become a major safety issue, legislation has been the primary helper in the fight to decrease these cases. Establishing new laws has been the primary way to combat this issue.

Only time will tell just how much more of a problem distracted driving will become regarding cyclists and other drivers. A brighter spotlight from lawmakers is a positive sign that more bans will go into effect throughout the country in the next few years. If these possible bans can reverse the trend of distracted driving, cyclists will be able to share safer roads.

For more information regarding laws for distracted driving in Florida, take a look at Florida’s texting law.

Guest Writer of this Blog Post: Ashley White of Distracted Driving Help,

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