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PETITION FOR MORE PEDESTRIAN AND BICYCLIST ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE in Jacksonville, Florida, the third most dangerous city in the nation for cyclists and pedestrians!


To be delivered to: Honorable Mayor Alvin Brown and Governor Rick Scott

Help Jacksonville, Florida make positive strides from being the third most dangerous city in the nation for cyclists and pedestrians, to being one of the safest with the implementation of more bicycle and pedestrian road infrastructure.

Jacksonville! Stand in unity that our voice be heard! Join The Jacksonville Bicycle Coalition in the campaign for safer streets for the citizens and children of this city.

Jacksonville, Florida is the third most dangerous city in the nation regarding pedestrians and cyclists. With regards to Florida in general, Jacksonville’s low ranking in safety is indicative of the rest of the state. According to Transportation for America’s “Dangerous By Design” 2011 study, the top four most dangerous cities in America are all located in Florida – 1) the areas of Orlando / Kissimmee, 2) the areas of Tampa / St. Petersburg / Clearwater, 3) Jacksonville, and 4) the areas of Miami / Fort Lauderdale / Pompano Beach.

As a citizen of the City of Jacksonville – the city we all adore for its aesthetics, its culture, its undeniable potential – I ask of you, please consider supporting this cause by signing this petition. This petition will be given to our Mayor and State Representative. With enough signatures, we hope to have this issue placed as a higher priority for city and state improvements.

If every other respectable metropolitan area of this country can have proper road infrastructure for various means of transportation, then certainly Jacksonville should be no exception!

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  1. William Garcia permalink
    January 24, 2012 6:12 PM

    Lets make Jax one of the safest places to cycle!

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