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JBC Co Founder once again discussing Sharrows in Duval (or lack thereof)

December 11, 2013
Harley Henry, JBC Co-Founder

Harley Henry, JBC Co-Founder

Jacksonville Bicycle Coalition Co Founder, Harley Michael Henry, was recently on air with Catherine Varnum of ActionNewsJax to discuss the missing Sharrows on Riverside Avenue in front of The Cummer Museum to just beyond The Fuller Warren Bridge. These road signals were originally set in place to thwart motorists from ‘edging out’ and/or ‘buzzing’ cyclists on this main artery for pedal pushers within the urban core (and not just merely on Saturdays for RAM goers or Road Training Sessions held on Tuesdays for the Acosta Bridge loop) because of their having to avoid menacing obstacles like uneven manhole covers.

For more information on these road markings please see What is a SHARROW?!

Riverside Avenue is heavily travelled nowadays; for commuters, roadies, pedestrians-on-bikes, and first timers alike aiming to enjoy The Riverwalk. It is not just a section of roadway that bicyclists could afford to take lightly when FDOT/JEA/sub-contractors removed the markings this past August to replace outdated water mains in the area. Especially when there are stories like fellow JBC Co Founder Abhishek barely surviving with his life back in 2011 bicycling next to a JTA bus on Riverside Avenue [precisely in the location where these markings were left unanswered for so long].

{Updated Dec. 11, 2013}

Therefore, we of The JBC applaud the enduring and endearing effort of newsrooms such as ActionNewsJax who continually ask the difficult questions within a city so prone to be lax as Jacksonville has become with regards to its concern and welfare over the livelihood and safety for its citizens, and the daily deadly degradation thereof.

As of now, the Sharrows have already been put back in place on Riverside Avenue (the very next day following the news story going live, thanks to JEA subcontractors) and our bicyclists can once again if seeing/feeling the need to use the entire lane if necessary. Now if we could get JSO to enforce these traffic codes pertaining to pedestrians/ bicyclists, and motorists…Duval just might make it out of the top three for such ap-thy in permitting the most dangerous city streets in America-

There is a way to better all of this; by way of bettering the lack of infrastructure through purely creative revolutionary means, educational awareness and/or community care, and with proper/adequate enforcement of such laws of the road. (PSAs too, but The JBC is venturing there next for our future campaign because we tire of suggesting it with candor to all around but with no resound)

This could thereby revive Jacksonville Downtown, promote it as its center forever via more foot traffic and cyclists once they again feel safe and secured that their town is truly walkable and bike friendly, as every town should aspire towards…[most early burgs in Jacksonville we constructed on a five points radius; like the spokes of a bicycle wheel radiating outward, we should take advantage of these early designs and mimic them and create thoroughfares for people to travel/ segregated paths do work best or let us repaint some of the wide lanes down creating a place for non-motorized traffic and add protective barriers to ensure the livelihood of all…making this town more viable and fun].

I will close with a quintessential ending worthy this very sporadic train of inconstant thread, which is to simply but endearingly say “RIDE BIKES” in Duval.

– Harley Henry

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