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Just say NO to the new 3-year Mobility Fee Moratorium!

February 6, 2013

Last year, the city pushed through (more like forced down our gullets) a year-long bill that placed a hold on 100% of our funding for more bike and ped infrastructure in what is nationally regarded as “the third most dangerous city in the nation for cyclists and pedestrians”. The bill went through before the public could even speak out against it. For one year, this little experiment was tried, and by the end of that year, regarded as a failure.

So not only did cyclists and pedestrians continue to get screwed for the umpteenth year in a row by councilmen who don’t seem to have any grasp on the importance of having a walkable and bikeable urban core, the proposed “positive” aspects of that bill failed miserably too – very little, if ANY, building development occurred, as was the hope of placing a hold on mobility fees.

By the end of the last year-long moratorium, the community gathered at the council chambers to speak out against the proposed extension of that moratorium. Tons of people came to say NO to an extension and thankfully it was dropped.

Now Councilman Richard Clark wants to propose it again, but this time for three years.


Take these three easy steps:

  1. First: Write to your City Council members today! Specifically Richard Clark:
  2. Second: Attend the City Council Public Hearing on February 12th at 5:30pm, City Hall, Downtown. Fill out a comment card and/or speak at the podium and Vote NO! They may vote on it this day as an “emergency” vote, so attend this first hearing if you can.
  3. Third: Attend the City Council Public Hearing on February 26th at 5:30pm, City Hall, Downtown. Fill out a comment card and/or speak at the podium and Vote NO!

I’ll leave you with a fantastic quote from a person of whom I have yet to figure out the identity. From the Metro Jacksonville forum member, TheLakelander:

“Much focus has been placed on the amount of money being taken out of taxpayers mostly empty pockets to subsidize already feasible development.

However, one of the largest atrocities with this fiasco is the preservation of a land development pattern that places Jacksonville’s cyclists and pedestrians at death’s knocking door.

The mobility fee is designed to guide development, not penalize it. There are several ways to significantly reduce or eliminate the fee by simply building development that makes Jacksonville a more human scaled community.

While it’s certainly true that Clark’s 3-year moratorium request would further lead us to the path of bankruptcy, it also promotes bad development policy, which will negatively impact us economically for years into the future.”,17439.msg316110.html#msg316110

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  1. Paul Calewarts permalink
    February 20, 2013 2:44 PM

    I would sure love to see Jacksonville issue a report card like this.

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