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Dear Jacksonville City Council

October 9, 2012

Jacksonville City Council,

One could compare Jacksonville’s current and past administrations with their hopelessly obtuse viewpoint on public transportation and facilities for alternate modes of transportation to the proverbial fool with the toilet paper hanging out of his trousers.

Jacksonville is, no doubt, the laughing stock of the entire nation, and it’s apparent the administrators are pitifully oblivious to their not-so-little faux pas.

You want to have a successful and thriving urban core, Mr. Brown? Demote Jacksonville’s viciously rampant and notoriously unhealthily urban sprawl which suffocates our downtown; discourage traffic congestion; quit hiring criminals to be our bus drivers; extend the Sky Bus to help nurture the growth of L’s; incorporate road-sharing education within our school systems so that we may grow a more enlightened culture from the start; provide facilities for bicycle riders and pedestrians like every other respectable metropolis in this country; and do not extend the moratorium that withholds our entire pool of funding for yet another year.

Or remain the umpteenth administration who did nothing about the fact Jacksonville is the third most dangerous city in the nation for cyclists and pedestrians.

Get out of the Dark Ages and into the 21st Century. It’s brighter out here.


Jennifer Kubicki
Fervent Urban Core Lover, Resident, and Advocate

CALL TO ALL BICYCLISTS: This is the time to voice your opinion. Our funding is being threatened yet again. Just say NO to another year of zero funding for bicycle infrastructure. Attend this City Council meeting tonight. Even if you have to show up late, just show up, make a 2 minute or less speech, and/or fill out a comment card. Just show up and show ’em how much you care.


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