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July 31, 2012

The starting line

Last weekend was another HUGE success for the local bike community. Sadly, I was unable to attend due to an important family issue that brought me 3 hours south of Jax to Melbourne, Florida. But the testimonials I’ve gathered over the past few days tout excitement, camaraderie, and nothing but good times. What’s more, some Times Union photographers caught wind of the event and took some sweet photos. I’m so proud of this community and so thankful the media has been acknowledging us so often these days. Big kudos to the 904 Fixed Team for hosting such an amazing event which only further raises awareness of cyclists here in the third most dangerous city in the nation.

Launching out from Riverside Park, 69 fixies flew fast and furiously for the SECOND ANNUAL HELLCAT ALLEYCAT. The race was represented by a variety of cities, including Jacksonville, and consisted of 13 check points, including the Yates YMCA, Talleyrand, Duval County Courthouse, Florida Times Union, and Metro Park. The final destination, none other than our most esteemed bike-friendly bar, Burro Bar in Downtown Jax.

To quote the penman who wrote up a description of this event alongside the great TU photos:

“HELLCAT ALLEYCAT 2 is the second year of Northeast Florida’s infamous summer fixed gear alleycat race taking place in Jacksonville, FL. With the race set up in the unforgiving heat of summer, your demons are bound to catch up with you. You will cross bridges, you will drip sweat, and you will race until it burns. This will be just like the first years race, a fixed only checkpoint-to-checkpoint style alleycat. No manifests, no signatures, no tasks…. just strictly racing to your next checkpoint.”

Third dangerous city or not, these ladies and gentlemen ride, if for no other reason than for the love of it.

Dang, I wish I could have been there!

Jacksonville’s very own Larry Ashley takes the SILVER! Yea Larry!

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