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Rethreaded Bike Ride

June 14, 2012

“Rethreaded Ride: Breaking the Cycle of the Sex Trade”

Cyclists are Invited on a Free Bike Tour to Help End Sex Trafficking in Jacksonville

Rethreaded is a local non-profit organization, working to aid those affected by the sex trade industry on both a local and global level. Kristin Keen, Director and founder, will be hosting a free, 10 mile bike tour as part of the many activities included at their Open House Party and Sale on Saturday, July 14, from 2-8 pm, located at 1357 Beaver Street. Thanks to partners, e2Ride Bike Tours and the Jacksonville Bicycle Coalition, the bike tour will begin and end at the Riverside Avondale Preservation headquarters. There will be a pit stop at Rethreaded’s Open House Party where guests will be welcomed to shop for handmade products and partake in various activities.

The purpose of the bike tour is to give participants an inside look into the lives of the men and women of Jacksonville, as well as those around the world, who have emerged out of the local sex trade and are now living happier, healthier lives. Riders are expected to be punctual and must wear a helmet. They should be ready to ride by no later than 5pm at the Riverside Avondale Preservation headquarters, located at 2623 Herschel Street. The route will take place through the Avondale and Riverside area, to the party’s location on West Beaver Street, and back again. On the tour, guides will stop at designated areas to tell the success stories of these individuals, as well as feature a product created by each individual to serve as a visual aid to the story. The tour will help educate guests on the severity of this issue and give them an opportunity to donate or get involved. The ride will last approximately 3 hours.

Rethreaded’s mission is to fight business with business. Through the purchase of handmade products created by those affected by the sex industry, anyone can help fund the necessary means to free individuals, both locally and overseas, who are involved in addiction, human trafficking, and prostitution. After helping to free these individuals, Rethreaded also serves them through various means of counseling, relationship-building, and community involvement.

Rethreaded stands by the belief that we can and will have a profound effect on ending the sex trade if we allow ourselves to alter our actions and how we think about the individuals who make up our community. It is in the hopes that this bike tour, in addition to the many other activities at the Open House Party and Sale, will help bring people together to take a stand against this injustice.

“We are a relational organization that believes when we take a risk, step out in faith and begin to think differently about our neighbors, all are transformed” – Kristin Keen

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