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JBC members are featured guests on NPR

April 20, 2012

BikeJax and JBC member, Koula Redmond, and Garf Cooper of ZenCog were featured guests on NPR’s First Coast Connect today.

“Get ready, Jacksonville. Bicycling is coming to you in a big way! May is Bike Month across the First Coast.”Melissa Ross

“We’re giving the mayor a bike to raise the awareness of the cycling needs of the community. We figure if there’s a bike sitting there, then maybe people (the Mayor and his staff) will ride it around town… I think with bicycling, if you get to experience it, you get to experience freedom.”Garf Cooper

“We work with the city to try and promote bicycling and we try to work with the city to create bicycling infrastructure and basically make is safer and more friendly for bicyclists.”Koula Redmond

“Well it’s timely that Bike Month is in May for us as well. WJCT’s May First Coast Forum will simulcast on television and radio the evening of May 17th at 8pm. We’re going to be focusing on transportation and how to make the city more walkable and more bike friendly, so certainly it’s a hot topic for folks.”Melissa Ross

Listen to the radio clip at this link. Scroll through until about 26:15.

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