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Bus driver helps catch driver of a hit-and-run involving a cyclist by boxing him in.

April 6, 2012

Click on the link to watch the video (and I’m so sorry our site doesn’t have the ability to support video yet):

WOW! This bus driver helps catch the driver of a hit-and-run by boxing him in. And the 5-0 got ‘im!

A quick tip to clarify the situation:

When a person chooses to get around by way of bike (especially considering gas prices these days), if there is no bike lane provided, and the street is too narrow to safely pass the cyclist on his left, the cyclist must take the full lane for his safety. You see, if he were to have placed himself all the way to the right, on a road that narrow, he’ll be risking getting buzzed or clipped because cars may not have enough room to give him three feet of clearance (which is the law) and pass him safely on the cyclists’ left. Bear in mind, the kind of cyclist that would be gutsy enough to take the full lane in any situation, almost always is an avid cyclist who knows what they’re doing, knows the laws, and is likely going to haul ass as best he can, only using the full lane for a short period of time.

If you’re considering he should have taken the side walk, consider this: A cyclist on a sidewalk full of pedestrians is about as logical as placing a bull in a china shop.

Another thing to consider: It’s not the cyclists who create gridlock and back ups; it’s the addition of more cars. You’re not stuck in traffic; you are the traffic.

So next time you see a person who’s decided to take their bike to the corner store located only a quarter mile away, please try to respect their decision as a wise one.

In this day and age, why exactly should one always take the car?

Be courteous to your fellow man. Share the road.

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  1. April 9, 2012 11:56 PM

    I see this on the Sprocket podcast website today. This is awesome.

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