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They came. They saw. They conquered: Duval Dirty Bike Olympics.

April 3, 2012

A diverse group of adrenaline-lovers at the starting line of the Road Rash 22K, our city's skyline serving as the backdrop.

It was a wet and muddy weekend for the Bike Olympics, but that didn’t stop these rough and tumble athletes from showing off their goods. I believe there were at least 8 or so cities represented, at least 3 states, and at least 2 countries (but I think there were actually more cities and states represented). From bike repair relays to scavenger hunts, Road Rash 22K to sprint races to the crit, polo polo polo and a whole slew of other events, what won’t these fine ladies and gentlemen do?!

It was certainly the most enjoyable weekend I’ve had in a long time thanks to everyone, and special thanks to Troy Sharpe and Patrick Matthews, the masterminds behind this most revolutionary idea. I was especially happy to see a good range of diversity represented in this event, not just culturally, but also regarding cyclist type – from roadies to commuters to fixed gears to BMX to regular joes and even a couple JSO officers who partook in a couple bike polo games!

The hosts of the event made sure there was good food to eat and plenty of water for everyone, only asking for donations in any amount one could afford. The events themselves were extremely affordable for one to participate. Many folks from the community welcomed all the out-of-towners into their homes that weekend. There was always that sweet, savory, linger of delicious BBQed pork loin in the air with tasty veggies accompanying that scent from time to time, always a good-sport attitude toward the competition, always a good vibe of camaraderie, despite language barriers, despite how well or how poorly one played, despite the type of bike rider one came across. Despite differences. Everyone came together and got along admirably, thanks to this lovingly orchestrated production.

The Olympics, dating back all the way to 5th century B.C., is an age old tradition of bringing a world of athletes together for a chance to not only compete with the best of the best, but to unite various cultures by at least one single commonality – the love of the game.

I’d like to think the men and women who came together for North Florida’s First Annual Bike Olympics upheld that tradition beautifully.

Looking forward to next year, Troy and Patrick.

Here’s a link to the DDBO site for additional info:

Patrick Matthews (left) and Troy Sharpe (right) looking adorable while competing in Track Stand Shot Put.

Maxi's sideline tricks

Starting line of the Road Rash 22 K

Court gears up

Road Rash 22K - Cory (Gold), Nelson (Silver), Kirk (Bronze)

Bike Polo

They don't call it DIRTY Duval Bike Olympics for nothin'.

Skeete at Polo

Good Game

Well respected competition

Charleston SC in the house, but broke his arm before he was able to compete. A make-shift sling was all he could do for it until he was able to go back home. Not one complaint!

Addison furiously attaches his saddle during the Bike Repair Relay. Addison, Harley, Cami, and Shaun get the silver.

The view's a touch more glorious atop the Fuller Warren on a whip.


Venus, aka Ref Eagle Eye

Spectators enjoying the games

Young spectators enjoying the games

Some more diverse spectators enjoying the games

The Crit starting line

Crit Races - Ty for the gold. This young buck is only 16 and everyone ate his dust. Respectfully.

A couple of Scavenger Hunt Gold wieners... I mean Gold winners! What did they have to do to themselves? Heck, what DIDN'T they have to do?

Awards Ceremony and Best Buds

Ain't that the truth right there.

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  1. April 3, 2012 5:12 PM

    Can’t wait for next year!

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