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BPAC Minutes // March 1st, 2012

March 30, 2012


Jacksonville Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes
March 1, 2012

Steve Tocknell, Meeting Chair

Present: Steve Tocknell, Bert Shaw, James Reed, Marvin Echols, Troy Mahew, Linda Bremer, Chris Ledew, Connie Cooper, Jennifer Kubicki, Koula Redman, Chris Burns, Scott Gross

Others in attendance: See attached list.

A.        Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

B.        Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

C.        Open Issues

  1. Strategic Operations Plan: Steve Tocknell
    Steve wants a plan with JBPAC initiatives specified. Suggestion to begin with mission statement. James will circulate a list of initiatives. Steve will create a draft plan for the April 5 meeting.
  2. Bike Share Plan: Transform Jax (Aaron Glick, Wyatt Bowers)

Transform Jax is an advocacy group promoting a discussion of the urban core and surrounding neighborhoods.  One of their goals is connections to closer neighborhoods. The Bike Share system would allow members or paying individuals to use bikes in one place and return them to another place. Other cities which use the program include Spartenburg, SC, Washington DC. The system would require a subsidy from corporate donor such as Blue Cross Blue Shield. They are trying to gauge the interest in the system.  Approximately 10-12 stations in Jacksonville have been identified.  Bcycle .com is soliciting interest in the program on their website.

  1. 3.     SORBA (Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association): Troy Mayhew

SORBA is making progress at various sites in town. The City has agreed to pay for trail signs at Hanna Park. Westside Regional Park will be flagging trails. The Mayor’s office has expressed interest in including other parks and public areas. Councilwoman Boyer mentioned that Losco Park is working on trails. Her constituents are exploring connections to Tomahawk and Skinner parks by trails.

  1. 4.     Old Business:

a)    Safe Rides to School: Jennifer Kubicki, Councilman Redman
The event last month was a success despite bad weather. Councilwoman Boyer read a proclaimation  about the event. Safety material was passed out to attendees. A school ride with 6-7 children, James Reed and Marvin Echols, Councilman Redman and a police escort road to Landon Middle School. The JBAC members agreed that they would like to have a presentation about the program at an upcoming meeting.

b)    Sharrows: Chris Ledew
There has been quite a bit of media and it is mostly positive. Trying to change behavior will come with increasing awareness of bicyclists on the roads.
St. Augustine sharrows on the Bridge of Lions is complete. One of the images of the sharrow is perfectly spaced on the lift bridge so that it can be seen at a distance by waiting motorists when the span is up.

James Reed said that more sharrows will be installed by Public Works Department along Riverside Avenue. There was general discussion about the placement of sharrows.

c)     Mobility Plan and FDOT plans: Chris Ledew and James Reed
There will be an update on the progress at the April meeting. Commuter bicyclists are showing up on crash data. Projects so identified will have priority.

d)    CSX – Roosevelt Blvd.: James Reed
James put this project on the TPO list.

e)    Congressional Transportation Bill:  Steve Tocknell
The House transportation bill eliminates enhancements. It is hoped that the Senate bill will put them back in. Keep up the pressure.

f)     COJ Bicycle Master Plan: James Reed
The current plan was made in 1999 and must be updated with new codes. SJ Co. finished their plan. When the COJ plan is complete the TPO will have an over-arching regional plan with the county plans under them.

g)    Announcements:

Facebook page for the JBAC is up:

D.        New Business

  1. 1.     Announcements:
    1. a.     Bert Shaw: The leadership of the Alliance for Biking & Walking, Bikes Belong, and the League of American Bicyclists has agreed that uniting the three organizations would dramatically improve their effectiveness in increasing bicycle use in U.S. communities. Leaders of the three groups issued a joint statement summarizing the outcome of their recent meeting in San Diego, February 13-14.
    2. b.     Troy Mahew:  Expressed concern that the interviews with Sheriff Rutherford  on First Coast Connect showed a poor understanding of the problems in Jacksonville for bicyclists and pedestrians.
    3. c.     Matt Urhig: The Tweed Ride will begin in Riverside Memorial Park on the March 4th  at 3:00 p.m.  See bikejax for more information.
    4. 2.     Mayport Ferry: Councilwoman Boyer
      The BPAC is requested to participate in the meeting to determine the outcome for continuing the ferry. The use of the ferry in ecotourism is important. Bicycle funding may be possible for the ferry. There will be a Thursday meeting at City Hall.
    5. 3.     Roundabouts at Landon and Naldo Avenues: Councilwoman Boyer
      Roundabouts will be put at these places by COJ Public Works. Residents who use the area to get to local parks are concerned that the loss of a traffic signal may place them in greater danger from inattentive car drivers. Chris Ledew spoke about his experiences with roundabouts and promised to provide more suggestions and assistance to the residents.

Minutes submitted by:            Linda Bremer

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