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BIKUS at Pecha Kucha (gesundheit!): A very creative bike awareness presentation

March 29, 2012

A HUGE pat on the back goes out to Chris LeDew and Raven Stands-Alone (and almost Alice Gould, but she had a last minute plane ticket to Hawaii to see her sister’s new baby!) In the form of haiku, they brought awareness of cyclists’ rights, and also some common problems we face. Some haikus were “gratefully and humbly borrowed” from the internets, some were created by Chris himself, and some from other colleagues.

This particular Pecha Kucha performance was epic, and I think, though I could be exaggerating, that it had record attendance for the Jacksonville chapter. And an additional cool factor, they managed to gain a little press – The event was featured on The Tracy Collins’ Morning Show on Action News Jax, which aired the morning of March 20th, 2012.

If ya didn’t know, Pecha Kucha is, in a sense, Japanese for chit chat (forgive me, I’m paraphrasing). The event has lots of chapters all around the world. Any and all are welcome to present whatever they wish to a captive audience. The only catch is you can only use 20 slides, and only have 20 seconds per slide, to talk about your points. Makes for a lot of great fun.

Watch the video clip of Chris and Raven’s performance, courtesy of Bike Jax:

The following are the 20 slides of the haikus they used (or should I say bikus?)

So then…

sit back, relax, enjoy, om…

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