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The JBC is famous!… Well, kinda.

November 22, 2011

The JBC represents with Action News, Folio Weekly, and shakes hands with the Mayor!
The Jacksonville Bicycle Coalition strikes again here in local news. A huge thank you to writer, John Citrone, for taking the time to represent the JBC in one of Jacksonville’s most favored pop-culture newspapers, the Folio Weekly. In the November 22nd, 2011 issue, you can read the wise words of both Abhishek Mukherjee, our Chief Advisor, and Goliath Flores, our Media Spokesperson.

Abhishek, bold and striking, in Folio Weekly's November 22nd issue

In previous news, back in August 2011, Goliath made an appearance in Action News. Click on the link (not the picture) to watch the video  (By the way, the young cyclist who was struck by a car in this video has recovered wonderfully):

Goliath speaks the truth on Action News

Mayor Brown pays the bike community a visit at SORBA’s screening of “Pedal Driven” at Burrito Gallery, November 19th, 2011. We were all too excited to speak with him about Bike Month in May and the prospects of presenting a custom bike (built by Garf Cooper of Zen Cog) to the city. The Mayor takes time to visit the JBC booth and the bike valet, with Bike Jax’s Matt Uhrig and Koula Redmond.

To Goliath Flores, the mayor exclaims, “I will ride that bike!”

To our other member Katie Smith, Event Coordinator, the mayor admits, “We’ve gotta create a bike movement now.”

To me, Jennifer Kubicki, Director, and Harley Henry, Writer, the mayor exclaims, “Let’s do this!”

I certainly hope so, Mr. Mayor. We can’t wait!

Harley and Jennifer with Mayor Brown at our booth during the Pedal Driven event

Koula shows off Bike Jax and the bike valet service they provide to ensure safe-keeping for the steeds of our bike riding citizens

There's Troy Mayhew on Mayor Brown's left (your right)

This is only the beginning, folks. Stay tuned!

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