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Please Take This Survey

September 27, 2011

I have been advocating bicycles as transportation since 2008. In my short history of bicycle advocacy, I have met commuters and bicycle-lovers from all areas of town — Northside to Avenues. They have been small in number, small enough that it appeared I knew almost everyone by name.

2008 was an instrumental year in bicycle advocacy. Gas prices were rising and most developed countries saw a spike in bicycle sales. The price of gas lowered soon after and so did the number of commuters. The trend seems to be picking up in the last twelve months. I see more commuters everywhere I look, even in the bicycle-unfriendly Southside part of town. The bike-valet at the Riverside Arts Market is bussier now than in previous years.

We at the Jacksonville Bicycle Coalition want to know who you are. We want to know what makes you ride a bike and what may make you ride more. We will use this data to record the temperature of bicycling in Jacksonville…to guide the direction of our efforts with the City of Jacksonville, the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee and  the FDOT.

Please take this short survey:

Feel free to share it with your bicycling friends.

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