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Jacksonville bus stops are notoriously unsafe due to wreckless drivers.

August 24, 2011

I feel this story concerns cyclists because I generally attach the word “pedestrian” to the word “cyclist” when I speak or write of Jacksonville citizens’ staggeringly high numbers in poor and abusive driving skills.

What I don’t understand is the first example. The police claim the driver was not at fault because the kid ran out in front of the car to while boarding the bus. When one is in the process of boarding a bus, one could presume the bus would then be stopped. Correct? For those of you who have been living under a rock much of your life, when a school bus is coming to, or is at a stop, CARS MUST STOP. When you are in a bus stop area, USE CAUTION. I am disgusted over the fact they blamed THE KID for getting hit by a Jacksonville driver “as he tried to board the bus”.

Pardon my French but… WHAT THE FUCK?!

Making sure bus stops are safe

Story from Action News Jacksonville –


Action News is taking steps to make sure school bus stops are safe.Lately, they’ve been anything but safe.Last Friday, a 9th grader at First Coast Elementary School was hit by a car as he tried to board the bus. In that case, police say the driver of the car wasn’t at fault. They say the kids ran out in front of him.And just yesterday, a car slammed into the back of a school bus in Mandarin, sending two students to the hospital with minor injuries. In that case, police say the driver was at fault.

Parents we’ve talked to say drivers are out of control. Gerard Nicodeme, a father of children who were on the bus in the Mandarin crash, said speeders and distracted drivers have been a constant issue.

So, we took out our speed gun to see for ourselves. We found no shortage of speeders.

“The bus comes at 7:45 and when the bus stops, I’m embarrassed to say almost no one respects the bus stopping,” said Nicodeme. “Everybody keeps on going and there is nobody willing to do anything about it.”

What we didn’t find were drivers blowing through the bus stop. Thursday, drivers were on their best behavior. Nicodeme said that doesn’t happen everyday, and he wants parents in his neighborhood to get together and have the bus stop moved to the other side of the street.

If you’re worried your child’s bus stop isn’t safe, all you have to do is call the Transportation Department at the Duval County School Board at (904) 390-2000, and they’ll come out and do an audit.

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